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Wax Melt Safety Information

Our wax melts are hand poured by us using the highest quality fragrance oils and a soy & mineral wax blend. They are also re-usable and can be melted repeatedly before changing. 

We recommend to use a tea light burner for the best results, however an electric burner can also be used. Wherever a naked flame is present safety needs to be a priority.  

To use our wax melts, simply place the wax in the well of your burner. It will slowly melt whilst releasing the fragrance. 

Do not place your burner where there is a draft and keep away from children and animals. 

Although our wax melts smell good enough to eat, they are not safe for consumption. Do not eat! 

Only use 4 hour tea lights when using a tea light burner. This is to ensure longevity but also to prevent any fire hazards. A higher flame may potentially damage your burner. 

When using snap bars, we recommend you use 1-2 chunks. For our wax pots we recommend you cut into halves or quarters. Do not overfill your burner. 

Do not get water in the well of your burner. This can cause spitting and damage your wax burner. 

To empty your wax burner we recommend you light the burner, and once the wax melt is fully melted, use cotton wool to soak up the wax. Do not tip wax down the drain as this can cause blockages and be very expensive to fix! 

You can also light the burner and after a short while 'pop' the hard wax out. 

If you have any concerns regarding allergies please ensure you familiarise yourself with the CLP Sticker (Classification Labelling and Packaging) which is on the back of all of our products. This can also be viewed on each product page. This includes key information about potential allergens and ingredients. Feel free to show this documentation to your GP where necessary.

If you have concerns about burning our wax melts around pets and animals, we advise you seek advice from your Vet. Again, feel free to provide our CLP documentation where necessary. 

Do not be alarmed if you see 'smoke' emitting from your wax melts. If it is a clear, smoke-like substance this is simply the fragrance oil releasing the scent.

If you have any queries or concerns that are not answered above, feel free to contact us by clicking here or alternatively you can reach out to us via social media.