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About Us

Welcome to Bombardier Bath & Home! My name is Kayleigh, and I'm the owner of Bombardier. We have been established since 2020 and I run the business from my family home with some occasional help from my other half, Ben. 
Bombardier was created after I began making my own wax melts for personal use. I quickly fell in love with handpicking my own fragrances and adding my own creative flair! With the addition of a pandemic and being furloughed from my full time job in recruitment, I decided to take the plunge and Bombardier was born! 
We don't mass produce our products. Everything we sell is handmade and this means all of our wax melts and bath bombs are carefully thought out and created with care. When making our wax melts, we make these in small batches to ensure the highest quality and standard.
Our ethos is all about being unique and creative! You will notice our products differ from the every day, leading retailer equivalents. I wanted to create a brand that reflected me and my personality - bubbly and colourful(some may argue a little bit unusual too!)
If you are interested in seeing more about Bombardier then make sure you follow our social media platforms where you can see plenty of content from behind the scenes :)